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Radiant Heart
mini-retreat experience

March 2022

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During times like these, when Life is demanding so much of us, it's good for us to slow down, gift our nervous system some time to feel soothed, and receive the deep, sweet nourishment that comes from connecting with our own Heart.

This delicious online retreat experience is an invitation for you to:

  • place yourself and your own wellbeing at the Heart of your own Life

  • feel deeply nourished on every level

  • experience practical, simple ways to slow down the Mind and gently connect with your Heart and Truest Essence - the part of you that knows what's best for you at ALL times!

  • embody your unique Joy and natural essence more deeply

  • experience what Unconditional Love really means - and why it's so vital for you, and everyone around you

  • tune in and gently open to receive more of the Beauty and Love that is all around you, and that You Are

  • discover how quietly radiating your unique, natural Joy is highly beneficial to those around you, and a precious gift to this world

Join us for two wonderfully nourishing sessions, where we'll gather for a rich and magical experience in our cosy online retreat space, and together we will:

  • discover how slowing down and softening can be energising and enlivening, connecting you to your own dynamic confidence, strength, wisdom and courage

  • activate nourishing, enriching frequencies through connection to your own Heart, Breath and Body

  • enjoy fun, connection and support - plus delight and celebration in our discoveries together


Session 1 on Friday, March 4th 2-4pmGMT will include meditations, simple practices and/or activations so you emerge feeling more energised, supported and inspired going forward.

Session 2 on Sunday March 6th at 3-4.30pm is follow-up and integration time, with a short and sweet practice, sharing and Q&A.


Each session replay and any materials will be sent to you to keep afterwards.

This mini-retreat experience can be enjoyed on its own and there are no prerequisites, so it's perfect for everyone...Wherever you are on your Joy Path, I invite you to wander this way and rest for a while.

It would be such an honour and delight to share this special experience with you, and I hope to see you soon 💛

Corinne x

PS Join the Joy Genius Monthly Membership, with all the goodies that brings, and receive a complimentary invitation to the Radiant Heart retreat.

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Email Corinne here to book your place, or to join us inside Joy Genius and receive your Radiant Heart retreat invitation too!

Radiant Heart


Joy Genius
Monthly Membership
includes Radiant Heart retreat

for entire month
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All details are emailed to you soon after purchase.



Right now it might appear frivolous to prioritise something like Joy when there is so much else to contend with in the world, but in truth, Joy is a serious business. To Commit To Joy as a practice is to transform your life, and for us Joyful Rebels it's to start a little revolution right inside your own heart.  Find out more about the Commit To Joy approach HERE.



Corinne is an exceptional teacher and a truly wise and evolved guide.

Her many years of expertise in the ways of the human heart support you with love, kindness and courage.

Working with Corinne is a precious and exciting opportunity!

Sarah Kee, Counsellor

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