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Private Sessions

Pristine guidance, higher consciousness perspectives,
high frequency activations and powerful transmissions
- all offered in ways that are supremely practical, inspiring and fun, and easily integrated into your
uniquely precious Life.

I'm delighted to be here to support your richest and most graceful expansion,
and the deepest embodiment of All That You Are.

What type of session is best for you? 
Let me tell you a bit about what's on offer!


Living the Magical Life:

Intuitive guidance, Visioning and Embodiment Coaching with Corinne


In this session you are infinitely supported to envision the highest, most expansive possibilities for your life, how you want your life to look and feel, and how you'll expand from where you are, right into living it NOW!

I hold the highest, juiciest, most vibrant and delicious visions for you throughout, and where there might be old patterns, beliefs and stories you are now ready to allow to dissolve, to free you up to create your life from a more liberated and inspired place, this is where things get hands on and practical, with simple tools and techniques that are absolutely effective in supporting you to fully embody and truly express All That You Are.

This is an exciting and empowering experience, and whilst a single session will absolutely light you up and inspire you to move forward with a clearer vision, energised to create the life your Heart desires, these sessions are even more powerful when enjoyed over a sustained period. Then the energy and magic that is generated really flourishes, establishing strong foundations, rich new terrain from which to create, and fresh supportive structures according to the Intentions of your beautiful Heart. 

£120 for 60 minutes recording (bespoke coaching packages available on request) Please email me to arrange the perfect time for you, and receive all the details you'll need to make the most of your session.

The Diamond Heart of Joy:
A channeled session with Corinne and The Joy Collective: The Joy Collective is Corinne's awesome non-physical team, and just like yours, includes infinite aspects of higher consciousness...You might call it your Highest Self, Source, your Spirit, or something more everyday and down-to-Earth - it doesn't matter what we call this - it exists, and we are always receiving information, guidance and inspiration from this aspect of ourselves, whether or not we are aware we are 'channelling' this or or not.

The Joy Collective will meet you right where you are, always insisting that the focus is best placed on you, in this body, right now, and emphasising that YOU are an equal member of the team, with a different, highly valued role to play! They offer the highest perspectives and wisdom from the most expansive levels of consciousness in response to the calls of your unique and precious Heart. This powerful session brings through so much Love and activating Light, quite apart from the words that are offered, and is always a deliciously uplifting, illuminating and inspiring experience.

£120 for 60 minutes 
includes recording.
Please email me to arrange the perfect time for you and receive all the details you'll need to make the most of your session.

So you receive the most from our time together, it is highly recommended (apart from exceptional circumstances) that you've taken the Commit To Joy 101 programme, or had some other interaction with me and the work before your session. This empowers you to have foundations in place to receive at the highest and deepest level possible, and I've found it to be the most efficient, beneficial, and deliciously fruitful approach all round!


What they say...

Corinne has such an eloquent way with words, and when they flow through her what she shares not only delivers an incredible message, but feels like poetry.

Her messages are always so expansive and they leave you in a new, elevated place from where you were before.

Being in Corinne's energy, you know you are in the presence of a master.

Trish, CEO Savvy Productions, Canada

Bespoke Guidance: Waking Up To Joy 3 month Intensive
or for those who have already gone through Waking Up To Joy programme:
Embodying The Shining Self: An Elemental Journey into Joy Mastery

You might have checked out or already experienced the group programme, and it might be that you prefer a more private, optimised experience tailored to exactly where you are, so I also offer the opportunity for 1:1 guidance on your Joy journey. As you make your way along the Joy Path, you’re supported by me personally, and by the materials, trainings and practices within the Waking Up To Joy portal.
We enjoy weekly 90 minute private zoom calls (and even meet in-person if that's possible...sessions in Nature are SO good!) to deeply integrate the practice and respond to whatever Life is uniquely presenting for you.
In addition, I'm also available to you via Telegram/WhatsApp/email during the week for on-the-spot empowerment, retuning and refocus.
This is a 12 week intensive, so a higher level investment on every level, and if it calls to you, simply contact me here x

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