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transforming our world one heart at a time

Joy is a frequency we can all tune into, lying within close range of Love, Compassion and Gratitude. When we tap into pure Joy, sometimes through Wonder, Childlike Playfulness or Delight, we tap into something that transcends the everyday, reaching a place or a Big Something that is so very precious, vast and pure that it nourishes us on every level.

Joy isn't always what we might expect. Different to happiness or pleasure, we might experience Joy as something like ecstasy or bliss, quietly all on the inside, or as a mad dance of delight and gratitude that makes our bodies and voices wild, or it might run through us like sweet water and we laugh because pure laughter is a natural expression of Joy.

To Commit To Joy is not about signing up to some sort of smile marathon or non-stop giggle-fest. It's not about being 'happy' all the time or bouncing about to hide the pain we're really feeling inside. To Commit To Joy in the midst of the challenges and all the dark stuff that comes with getting to be a human being on this beautiful Earth takes courage, and it's the challenge more and more of us are ready for.

To Commit To Joy is to embrace all that we are, and all that we see outside of us - the mess and the beauty and the chaos - and to welcome it, holding and tending to it till it all remembers its real form, which is Love. This is Big. To Commit To Joy is to live a truly embodied life, a life where you take responsibility for your own stuff - one breath, one choice, one moment at a time - and by transforming yourself, you do your bit to transform our beautiful world.


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