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corinne williams: author, teacher, intuitive guide

hello friend,
It's Corinne!

I've always been a peeker under the surface of things...

...trying to figure out how this Life thing works, and what we beautiful human beings are really about. 

How can we live like we're truly ALIVE?!


What if we said YES! to everything that we are, and viewed everything that had ever happened as somehow Spot On, even if it had felt rubbish at the time?

And what would happen if we lived knowing ourselves to be always connected to something like JOY, even during the toughest times?



These questions have shaped me and my life, 

and led/coaxed/grabbed me by the sleeve and pulled me along

in a wonderful, winding dance to where I am today...

And all the stuff I love to do - dance, work with others, play with words, laugh and get silly, roll around in Nature - it's all a doorway to connection with a big, wide and shiny Something, like a vast smiling ocean of Yesness, and when I connect to that place, I've found the possibilities are infinite.

It means what I bring to the table when I'm sharing what I know with YOU is that same potential, to reach places you might not have thought possible, and to view yourself and your life from new perspectives. And it looks just great!

I've always been infinitely curious about this whole Life thing, and I find 'uncomfortable' really interesting, ​something to explore rather than to ignore.  Along the way I learned to give the sad/mean/embarrassing parts of me a hug rather than banishing them to a locked room (where they used to make far too much noise and disturb the neighbours).  So far the all-embracing approach works out much better for everyone.

I've been consciously dancing along this path for over 25 years, exploring all sorts of ways to get to the Real Places, learning to hold every aspect of myself with love and compassion,  and delightfully serving others as a teacher, a writer, an energy worker, shamanic practitioner and intuitive guide. 


Most importantly, I've learned that it doesn't matter what name we give who we are or what we do, it really all comes down to the station we're tuned into.

Heart FM anyone?!


This is my Heart touching yours, because we're all in this together, bringing everything that we are to the table - the crazy bits, the wondrous bits, the stuff that looks like a mess to the untrained eye - it's all welcome.


For me, this isn't about being conventionally 'happy' all the time, or pasting a big fake smile over the sore bits. It's much deeper than that, and to practise choosing Joy demands we take a deep breath and embrace It All. It's full embodiment of our perfectly imperfect lovely selves all the way.


My life, perhaps like yours, has been made up of challenging, painful, dark and frightening times, as well as times of bliss and creativity and flow. It's all experience, information, all an initiation in its own unique and fantastic way, and my life has been the very best never-ending workshop and training ground I could have wished for.

Now, I see how ingenious it has all been - how ingenious we all are! I know now that life does not have to be experienced from a place of pain,  nor our growth always have to emerge from suffering - and this shift in perspective truly, instantly, inevitably changes everything!


What fantastic material we all have to work with. Everything you've ever experienced has led you to THIS very moment, and you truly have everything you need to step into a more expansive way of Living and creating in this time of new possibilities and potential on our beautiful Earth.

So let's get stuck in,
and get down to the serious business
of Joy!

Want to explore how you can know the Joy that You Are, so much more intimately?

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