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Weaving Magic With Words

with Corinne Williams
spoken word artist, wordsmith, author

Since my early twenties I've enjoyed the absolute delight of working as a writer, in lots of different guises. I've been a writer in residence in schools and community spaces where the young people I was writing with wowed me every time - I will never forget some of those incredible pieces. 

I was poet in residence at @Bristol (now We The Curious), collaborating with a video artist to create a piece that was screened over a month in the Planetarium, and my work made its way onto TV and radio and into festivals where I've got up to all sorts of wordy mischief as a poet on the prowl.

I specialise in spoken word, and really love to create with others in the moment, weaving together our ideas - a totally magical process that results in unique collaborative pieces.

Summer 2023, and it was time to say a deeper YES to myself and my creativity, and I thought I'd do that by turning up every day to write a fresh new poem, perform it, and post it, as you do. This was the result.

There are poems for every occasion in this collection, from feeling scared to begin something,  to celebrating what you love, to those times when everything seems to be falling apart - with plenty of stops for walks, songs in Hebrew, and ice cream along the way.


Join me on my 30-Day adventure into words, creativity and Life itself!

Play The Game:

making the most of your one wild and precious Life

I began writing it for the young people I was working with at that time who were saying, 'Yeah, but if Life really is a game, then how come I'm not having any fun?!'

Life then decided to have a little fun with me, and two lovely children later, I decided it was time to finish it. Nine months later, it was done, and it's full of all the best things I know that can support us in living the Life we came here to live, with as much ease. lightness and fun along the way.

Written for teenagers, this is the book I wish someone had handed to me, and is really for us all, at any age or stage of life.

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