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Help yourself, pick and mix...Enjoy! 

I'm all about simple practices that really work to create profound change and those type of 'Oh my goodness, I feel SO different now...' kinda shifts! 
These short #practicesessions are the perfect Joy Reset, and we often get together in the FB Group to enjoy them...
I love them, they're special, and each has a different focus so like here, you can drop into The Now Moment, top up with Nourishment, or simply connect, Heart-first, with yourself, with us, and with the wider world!

The Now Moment


Let's Connect - Hearts First!

exquisite sleep mp3 corinne williams

Prepare your space, wind down early, snuggle up in your favourite PJs...

Enjoy this gorgeous 30 minute MP3, and relax your way into Exquisite Sleep.

Click the button below for sweet dreams!


Those of you who know me know just how much words make my mouth water!
I've been super lucky in my life to have played as a writer and poet with so many amazing people, and recently THIS little gem presented itself to me in the most delightful way.

If you've got children, or simply fancy a bedtime story yourself tonight, I lovingly share this with you, my friend.  

To read the story behind the poem visit the blog post here and to download the MP3, click here!

Lucy and Mu:
The Adventure Begins
Downloadable MP3

PS. If you've enjoyed any of these gifts, I LOVE hearing from you!
Send me an email, or take a picture, post in the FB Group and tag me - it totally makes my DAY!

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