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Sometimes a bit of Sacred Silliness is just what we need...

I do like a good meditation sesh. I've been meditating since 1993 (not constantly obviously, that would be very weird, and probably a bum-numbing world record) but at a time in my life when I was in dire need of course correction, lost and confused and with no idea who I was or what I was doing, the daily practice of stillness and focus twice a day was just what I needed.

It's been such an ally to me ever since, and some of my deepest inspirations and most wonderful and crazy ideas come from that still place. Which brings me to this fine little ditty (above) that emerged last week. I'm not surprised when this kind of thing shows up, as I've come to know that sometimes something special can lie hidden within even the most simple and even the silliest-sounding messages. So I just giggled a bit, said Thank You! and wrote it down.

  • How can I serve today? Knowing that you are more than enough, exactly as you are, is service in itself, and Life wants nothing more than for you to feel good in your own skin, and glad to be your lovely self. How can you show up and bring who you are to the world today, even if it's only in a small way?

  • What can I give away? Letting go of attachment to anything, we become more available to receive. Having a good old clear out is fab, but we can also can smile freely to the lady in the post office, or do someone a favour, or truly listen to them with all of our attention - all without wanting anything in return. We are living in big times, and small acts like this can create a future where sharing and generosity are more highly prized than competition that comes from the belief there's not enough to go around. Bring it on!

  • I say YES! to Life. We don't always feel good in every moment, but when we accept how we feel, and realise that everything is simply information wanting to lead us to greater growth and understanding, it makes a huge difference. We move from resistance to acceptance, and might even bring love to what's arising for us in the moment. It's literally life-changing.

  • !I welcome the Love that is constantly flowing my way! Sometimes, if we feel hurt or are tired and cranky, we can contract, feeling closed off and disconnected, so this is a little reminder that we are actually In Love, all the time...A simple walk outside reminds us how we are surrounded by Love and Beauty and Wonder in every moment, and if we imagine the Universe as a field of vibrating energy, pure Love, we might notice the little sparks of Love all around us and welcome the Love, the Beauty and Abundance that is seeking us, with open arms! And from there it's a teeny (but slightly mind-bending) step to realise the Love We actually Are. Gulp!

Prancing around the kitchen or imagining you have a magic wand whilst singing this little song are optional of course (though doing these things will make you smile more, which might make you giggle, thus starting a wondrously heart-opening chain of events that has Joy written all over it...) I have been starting my day with this mantra, exploring each part, and it's become a delightfully silly and pretty powerful way to focus on what I want to create. 

So, I wanted to share it with you, and say that whatever you do today, dear friend, I hope you find some moments to check in with your lovely self, and say Yes! to all that you are, for the path that has brought you here and everything you have learned are unique, and you are courageous, amazing, and infinitely precious. Wow.

In Joy!

Corinne xx

I'd love to hear from you in the Comments which mantras/affirmations/quotes/spells (silly or otherwise) support you and remind you to stay on track. Let's share!


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