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Corinne Williams


Truest Essence

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to rediscover

Hi friend,


 I'm a
 Word Weaver,
  Embodiment Guide
all round
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Are you ready
to reconnect to your truest, shiniest self?
To remember how infinitely amazing
you really are,

and discover
just how good your life can really feel?

If there's ever been a time to show up, and to live, create and play fully, as full-on YOU, that time is now.
You feel this too, or you wouldn't be reading this, right?!

As parts of the world we've constructed up till now continue to dismantle and dissolve - and this is reflected both within our inner, personal worlds, and the wider world around us - things can feel chaotic, challenging, and uncertain.


I believe there has NEVER been a moment offering more opportunity for us to realise the unlimited potential of the incredible Human beings we came here to be, for the expansion of our consciousness to a much higher level, and from there, the creation of a world based on Love, Unity and all the Good Things. Yes indeed.


This is bigger than any one of us, of course, yet it must start here, within our very own lovely selves, within our very own tender, all-powerful Hearts.

And so, what if you knew

you could totally transform how you feel about yourself,

your life, and EVERYTHING in it..?

When you decide to Commit To Joy, everything changes. 

It's a potent and transformative act, where you choose to create the life you've always wished was possible, waking up feeling more energised and excited to start a new day, loving being uniquely YOU, inspired by the Beauty and Magic all around you, and totally empowered to flow more gracefully with anything that comes your way.


Commit To Joy side effects also include:

  • greater relaxation and groundedness 

  • clearer awareness

  • richer connection to the things that matter to you

  • enhanced vitality, sensuality and radiance

  • discovery and deepening of gifts and talents

  • increased creativity and abundance

  • delight within improved and enriched relationships

  • expanded consciousness 

  • deeper connection to your non-physical aspects of friends, family and guides


...and be ready, as you may even (okay, full disclaimer, you WILL) find yourself feeling more playful. YIP!

If you're feeling called to honour your beautiful self at a whole new level, and to experience Life as the naturally exquisite adventure it truly, truly is, I'm excited for you!


I know that to Commit To Joy can transform your life into the most glorious and magical experience, and it all starts with saying Yes! to yourself, and to All That You Are.

And then we practise this, live it, consciously creating our lives one breath, one choice, one moment at a time, tuning our Hearts to the purest frequencies of Joy, Delight, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Freedom and Unity. From this dynamic place of fullest embodiment, we magnetise all that's in alignment with those frequencies straight back to us. 


Simply put, this is where Quantum Physics meets the Science and Technology of Joy!

Let's celebrate your commitment to yourself, to a love-filled, creative and flourishing Life, and the Joy and Aliveness you'll radiate, inspiring others to new possibilities for their lives, and for our world.

I would LOVE to connect and share with you as you create something so special, and to hold pure and strong sacred space as you rediscover for yourself your own true Brilliance, Genius and Beauty.


Have a look around, get curious and feel into what resonates for you. Choose a gift here.

And then, if you'd like to talk about the different levels of support available, you can choose to book in for a complimentary call about you and your specific desires.


Corinne x

Commit To Joy 101

Rediscover your truest, shiniest self

and wake up to a Life of connection, creativity and aliveness

in this new 30-Day adventure

'This course has been life-changing.'

1:1 Private Sessions

A pristine, treasure-filled space where you receive the highest frequency intuitive guidance, practical support and inspiration 

'I highly recommend a session with Corinne.
Her guidance is spot on!'


The Shining Self

Ready to go deeper?

Live life at a whole new level with this private, bespoke

Joy Mastery programme.

'Embodying The Shining Self has been the most valuable and memorable body of work I have ever had the pleasure of diving into.
With gentle loving guidance, Corinne has helped me on my journey back to my heart and a deeper more loving connection to myself, something that I’ve been searching for for the best part of my adult life.' 


explorium for web sharing-07811[853].jpg

I've had the privilege of seeing the joy Corinne brings into people's lives,

working with her through some of the toughest times of my career.

No matter how difficult things get Corinne is always able to lift the mood, redirecting the energy from a seemingly impossible, stuck place to a fresh perspective where anything feels possible.

That has been invaluable for me because life gets tough sometimes, and what we need then is someone who can see through things and focus attention more positively so we can make big shifts forward. 

Julia Black, CEO Explorium



Right now it might appear frivolous to prioritise something like Joy when there is so much else to contend with in the world, but in truth, Joy is a serious business. To Commit To Joy as a practice is to transform your life, and for us Joyful Rebels it's to start a little revolution right inside your own heart. 


Find out more about the Commit To Joy approach HERE.

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