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Join our monthly membership community!

Stay inspired, encouraged and In-Joy throughout the month with:

  • A gorgeous community of others committed to showing up Hearts-first in their lives


  • Monthly Live 90 min Zoom calls with journeying, meditations, activations, new processes, time for sharing and Q&A - and lots of warmth, laughter, and love!


  • 30 Day Joy Resets: regular opportunities to establish new practices, deepen existing ones, and hone your focus and attention in ways that uplift you and enrich your Life, preparing you for expanded possibility and potentials (recent 30 Day Joy Resets include Meditation, and coming up in May, Natural Magic and Everyday Miracles)


  • Connection within the private Joy Genius FB Group where your shares and Qs inspire regular Lives and new videos


  • Members-Only discounts and sneak-peaks within the Joy Genius Portal!

Joy Genius Membership:
£50 a month


Email Corinne to join now and receive complimentary access to our most recent Radiant Heart mini retreat - a delicious start to your Joy Genius adventure!

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