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Learning the Language of the Heart

Can you see it? It's Light! Pure Love dancing and offering itself up to you...Delicious LoveLight that is available for you to play with as you wish!

And this, this, this is why it's important, because when you begin to fully claim, to realise, that it's your hands that are shaping this Light - hands connected to the Heart, shaping that Light, create beautiful creations of Love. Words connected to this place of Love - they are creations sent out into the world to express the Love that you know that You Are!

Your Life, every Breath, a creation! And lived from the place of the Heart, that beautiful sacred doorway that connects you to the Love and the Light of All Things - Love lived from this place, this is what the world needs now.

And this is why your creations are now, your lives are now, why You now are so revered, so honored, so infinitely Loved, for you are truly this Light in the world. And as your Heart lights up, Light, Light, Light! As Hearts begin, yes, to LightLightLight up around your world...As you know yourself to be connected to one another, to We who are You, all the Beings of Love now - the Trees, yes! The Earth, the Birds, the Animals, all of your Divine Human family, connected and seen from this place of the Heart...Everything is changing! And you, you are the ones now consciously creating from that place, that knowing - you get to create what comes next from the settling into the Now Moment, that place of the Heart. Can you see how it is all One?

There is so much Love, so much Love here, now, always, infinitely holding you. You are a dancing Light at the Heart of this Love, around which We are dancing in delight! All of us delighting in You, who are the living, dancing expression of Love where You are!

There is so much, there is so, so much in what we share with you, that is available at all times. This ocean of Love that holds you now is a dancing ocean of possibility, of the most delightful experiences. And it is this now, this experience that you are being invited to fully, fully revel in. The Light that is You wishes to fill you up, as if Light filling you up all the way down, down, down...Down your arms, to the end of your fingers and beyond...Down, down, down into your belly, the Light that You Are...Down your legs, your toes! Filling you up, merging now with the Light that You Are and feeling that. How does it feel? How might it feel?

'How does it feel to be One with All That I Am?' It is dropping into your Heart that will reveal this to you.

Feel the sensations now, as you rest within this ocean of Light; know that anything you wish now to be dissolved might be offered up. Smile to it, thank it, and allow it to fly free now. And breathing in the Light that You Are, One with the Light of All Things - you now get to play from this place of knowing more of who You Are. And following that, yes...These are new places dear, dear Beloved Ones,.These are new places, new times that you will be stepping into, expanding into.

And so, gentleness. Welcoming every sensation of the wider field of perception that we spoke about. The way to hone this is through the feeling sense of the body. 'What feels good to me right now? What feels like home to me right now? What will bring me a Lightness? ' For it is these feelings, and you becoming aware, and attuning yourself to these - truly they are frequencies - you now are becoming more aware of the Creators that You Are. And it is through these frequencies that you will become aligned to what is most in alignment with your Heart. And a Heart from this place is absolutely, inevitably aligned with what is for the Highest Good of All, and this is what is wanted now.

You are One. You are One. What is right for you, what is your highest delight? This is the clue. It's going to be different for each one of you, and this is perfect. 'What feels like home to me? What brings me the greatest comfort? '

It is to know the language of your Heart now that you are invited. It is offering itself to you to be known, that you might become fluent in that. It's important. You are important. This experience is important. It goes beyond, and it has infinite influence beyond your life, your families, your community. Beyond, beyond, beyond...And yet, it all starts within your own precious Heart.

This Love Letter from The Joy Collective is Part 2 of a longer transmission that was shared with us in The Light Lounge on Feb 14th 2021. It was truly super duper, and if you want to know more about how to attend our next gathering in The Light Lounge, experience The Joy Collective for yourself, and ask your Qs too, sign up here for updates...We'd LOVE to welcome you! 💛

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