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You are Pure Love Dancing

We are with you, dear, dear Ones. Yes! And how we delight, and how our Hearts, the Light that we are, expands as we connect. Connected to each one of you we are also expanded, for We Are You.

We love and delight that you have said Yes to your Hearts. That in your lives you are saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes! I want to know what it is to live from my Heart, I want to know what it is to live from my Heart! What is it to truly live from my Heart?!’ And it is this sincere, dear longing from the deepest depth, the centre of the Heart of each of you and so many now, that is guiding you, that has called for this. That is calling forth and expressing the deepest desire from the Heart of All Things. Indeed, yes.

For there is no greater, no more important desire, than the desire to settle into, to connect to, to live from the place of your dearest, truest Heart. For in this connection, truly, the desire at the Heart of All Things is able to be expressed more fully.

And the Love to which you connect when you connect to your own Heart, the Love that truly is pure Source LoveLight - it is then that THIS flows through you and dances, yes, out into the world!

So there is nothing more important than you now recognising, seeing, appreciating, delighting in the Jewel that is your own Heart, the Jewel that You Are! Yes, for from this place, guided from this place, everything else that has ever been - the old structures, beliefs, the old ways of doing things which have served you so perfectly up until this moment - they too are perfect creations, and yet...The call of your Heart, the desire of your Heart now is to expand, is to stretch out into the the playing field of your life, is to know more of who you truly are, and to delight in that.

For as you experience this, you are responding to the call that has gone out, yes, like a whisper from the Heart of All Things - the call from the Heart of God - that all things now return home to a place of knowing that Love, so there might be the relief of knowing, again: We are One within a Field of Love that is sparkling with Love and Delight!

It is so wide. It invites a freedom which - from this place, this knowing - is inevitable.

Everything now is being called and invited to recognise the connections between you all, and within your own little playgrounds - your life, your body, the Universe that is You, the connections between different parts of yourself. So, this is important as up until this point, this experience - the Divine and beautiful, perfect Human experience - has been to kind of split off the mind, the body, the Heart, the emotions. And this has been perfect, yes. But we know so many of you - all of you truly, at your truest level, every single one of you as multi-dimensional beings formed from infinite strands of Light - have so much to bring into what it really, truly is to be a Divine Human Being here and now, and this is the time. It is calling for that fuller, full expression. And so, the time of splitting things off is coming to an end, and this is good.

And this is why for so many of you, the persistent focus of the mind - really the service of the mind, for truly the mind has been in the most delightful and incredible service to you, and is to be revered at the highest level - the structure, the consciousness of the mind which has been expressing itself within a limited structure - is now for so many of you feeling too constricted, and that is to be celebrated.

These feelings right now that you are experiencing are almost like, things are too small for you - you're wearing last year's coat when you're five years old, and you know, this was last year’s coat! It is time now to allow these different aspects of you, like the mind, to begin to dissolve. That it might stretch out and reveal to you the next expression of its truest nature, perfect for these times. And this is a mind, an intelligence, that is One with the intelligence of the body, of the feeling body. It is One with the emotions.

All those structures that have up till now been so perfect, it is now time for them all to dissolve into the warm ocean of Light that is You - that is You, that already exists, and has been calling to you to stretch out into it, to merge with it...It is there, now!

This is, you might say, the ‘Future You’, and yet in this place of the Infinite Now Moment, it has always existed, as this moment has always existed. And so, this is what you are being invited to begin to play with and yes, enjoy this element of play, of just simply delighting in this, ‘Oh I feel a bit constricted, I wonder where I'm being invited to expand into?!’ Because that is what that feeling truly is. That feeling of expansion and growth is kind of being interpreted through an old structure, through an old system interpretation. It is now time, if you wish, to allow things to dissolve.

Now, as you breathe and feel the sensations within your physical body and the sensations within your mind, allow that focus around the head area to simply expand. And be welcomed into, ah yes, the warm embrace of the Heart, sitting back as if relaxing into a warm bath.

The field of Light that You Are is embracing you, as we are holding this space for you. This is the You that knows exactly what is needed for you now, that is saying, ‘Ah, you have done so perfectly, so well!’ That honours you for your courage. That wants you to know that you are exquisitely perfect and precious, have always been.

And feeling the embrace of the Love that You Are, and allowing any places, anywhere that is calling your attention - it might be a thought, and the thought is a thing, a structure, a creation made of Light, that’s all! And yet how beautiful! What exquisite genius that is! And this is you as a Creator now, honouring yourself as we honour you, ah, so deeply, honouring you for your service, for all that you bring to this space, this time, this world, right now...As you allow anything that feels too small for you now, anything which is feeling a little bit constricting, delight in its presence. Delight that you can feel it, for it is simply calling your attention that you might now honour it: ‘Thank you, thank you for being part of this infinitely perfect creation...’, and then allowing it to dissolve within the pure field of LoveLight that You Are, that we are holding for you, that is always here for you. Allowing that to dissolve.

Just let go!

‘Really? But, but, but if I let go of…’ We know. We know that sometimes, and especially now when you are being asked to let go of so much, there is a feeling of ‘But it's what I've known! Isn't this what I need?!’

What is needed now is for you to embrace, to honour, to revere everything that has served like a stepping stone to where you are right now!

And to know, to trust, that in the release, in the allowing of that to dissolve, it simply unfurls, spreads its wings, and reveals its true nature, which is pure LoveLight. Yes! And look then, at the Light that You Are, the Light that you had shaped into a thought, a belief, a pattern, an experience, a relationship, a situation, when it is seen through the eyes of the Heart, through the eyes of what is true, through the eyes of God, yeah! Its true nature is clear.

Can you see it? It's Light! Pure Love dancing and offering itself up to you. Yes!

Breathing, breathing, breathing in some of that delicious LoveLight that is simply freed up now and available for you to play with as you wish!

This Love Letter from The Joy Collective is Part 1 of a longer transmission that was shared with us in The Light Lounge on Feb 14th 2021. It was truly super duper, and if you want to know more about how to attend our next gathering in The Light Lounge, experience The Joy Collective for yourself, and ask your Qs too, sign up here for updates...We'd LOVE to welcome you! 💛


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