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...through coming home to your truest essence

rediscover your truest, shiniest self

so you can live a life of purpose, connection and joy 

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I'm all about sharing the freshest, richest content, because I live this too, and because I'm always expanding into the next-level-me, everything I share is always as relevant, juicy and real as it can be.

That's why, this time around, this beloved signature programme benefits even more from a sovereign inspired, wise-woman twist!

It is specifically tailored to speak to women who feel they are shifting (hurtling/stumbling/crashing...) into a new phase of life

Though you might not believe it if you tap into certain mainstream narratives, this time of our life is absolutely a time of increased potential in terms of our creativity, our capacity to enjoy, and the availability of a new sense of Aliveness…The quality of this time is different, grounded and deep, whilst still light and playful. It can feel rich, delicious and nourishing in ways we may not have experienced before.


This time can be demanding, in that your truest essence will not be denied any more - and really, you wouldn’t want it any other way, because this is the call of your Life to live more truly, more real, more embodied than ever before, and when you do ignore this call, your Inner Joy-PS will do its job and alert you to the fact that you are (slightly, or otherwise) off course…


If you've got away with it all before? You can’t now. And this is a  good thing!

This is your Life saying, 'Hey you, this really matters. You really matter, and it’s time to start living like it, sweetheart!'

So Waking Up To Joy: The Juicy Midlife Edit is all about honouring the opportunities, rather than seeing this time of midlife as a loss of anything at all…Deficiency? Lack? I don’t think so!

This can be a time of huge gifts, enrichment and expansion into the next level of who you really are.


This is true empowered sovereignty. Are you ready to claim it?!

'I feel I never truly understood what Joy was until this course.'

At this important time in all our lives, at this crucial time of Human history, there has never been a better time to start experiencing Life from your Heart, the gateway to Joy, and begin living the Life you've always wished for. 


Waking Up To Joy means remembering what it's like to live naturally from your Heart, confident that you are guided by what's best for you at all times. When we let our mind run the show, our experience of Life simply isn't as Joyful as it might be - it can't be!  


Waking Up To Joy, and waking up to the Joy that you are, means you naturally feel more energised, alive and inspired than you might have done in quite some time. It supports you to create more space and calm, and consciously create a Life that feels more relaxed and joyful, and most importantly, is the magical, loving, creative Life that is perfect for YOU.

Want to know a bit more about it?!

Expect breakthroughs, delightful surprises, and plenty of magic!


We'll cover every aspect of Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit/Essence so that you feel recharged, empowered and covered on every level. This means that at the end of 8 incredible weeks, not only will you have made good friends - especially with your beautiful self - you will have the tools you need to sustain your fresh new perspective and keep those Joy fires burning bright, even when you're faced with the inevitable challenges and opportunities for expansion that Life will surely have in store.

Have a look and see what else we'll be getting up to...

Waking Up To Joy:

The MidLife Edit

Each week we make our way along the The Essential Joy Pathway, exploring the 5 specific steps and Keys of the Joy Code, with everything made particularly relevant for you as a woman at this incredible stage of your Life

Week 1, Step 1:

Start Right Where You Are

Intention & Commitment

Week 2, Step 2:

Connect To Home

Practice & Connection

Week 3, Step 3:

Release, Replenish and Restore

Embodiment and Body Joy

Week 4, Step 4:

Retune and Reset

Frequency, and Fine-Tuning to your Inner Joy-PS

Week 5, Step 5: 

Awaken to Your Creation

Creativity, Play & Natural Magic

Week 6: A New Now

Celebrations and Anticipation for what comes next for you...

Weeks 7 and 8 are additional bonus Live sessions as part of The Juicy Midlife Edit, where we make sure all your Qs are heard, and you feel totally empowered to move into the space your next-level self is holding for you.

Each week you'll enjoy...

  • Waking Up To Joy Playbook PDFs

  • Video trainings to inspire you

  • MP3s to support your wellbeing

      on every level

  • Delicious downloadables

  • Bonus resources and surprises to make you smile

  • LIVE online coaching calls with me and the Waking Up To Joy group (all recorded so if you can't make a call, you can submit Qs in advance and watch in your own time)

  • Connection and support within your Private  Facebook Group

  • Audio exclusives to Waking Up To Joy members

  • Continuing nurture and support after the programme ends, through invitation to join the Joy Genius Membership

After 8 weeks you'll delight in...

  • more energy

  • better focus

  • increased inspiration

  • stronger connection with things that matter

  • greater relaxation and groundedness

  • heightened vibrancy and radiance

  • sharper awareness

  • growing resilience and an ability to respond more positively, whatever happens

  • a place within a supportive community, with new friends

  • ...and a much clearer knowing of your own personal and unique expression of JOY, at this incredible time of your life!


But don't just take my word for it...

'I came away from the course feeling I had really connected with my true self.

I knew myself so much better and how to tap in to my own very personal experience of joy!' Emma

Emma, UK

I decided to join the Waking Up To Joy programme as I recognised I was living far too much in my head and really wanted to connect with my heart, tune in to a calm place and find true joy.


Corinne's sessions were beautiful, and the resources available to access at any time were also really good. Each session had a theme we explored and there was the opportunity to share for those who wanted to. There were meditations for each theme and the realisations these brought for me were magical.

Being part of a group made the whole experience so much richer. I loved what others shared and I benefited greatly from it.


I came away from the course feeling I had really connected with my true self.


I know myself so much better now and have tapped in to my own very personal experience of joy.



Paige, Alabama

Waking Up To Joy was the highlight of my summer.

The program was highly organized and each week I knew exactly where our focus would be – this was important for me.


Corinne provides materials each week, like recorded meditations and practices that were extremely useful in order to put these concepts into real use in my life.

I downloaded them to my phone and still use them today.


Most of all, every week I looked forward to the live sessions with Corinne and the group. It was an opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into what it’s really like to live from your heart space. Corinne wanted us to not only intellectually understand what this all means, but to really practice it and FEEL it.


I really feel I never truly understood what Joy was until this course.

Corinne has taught me that it’s not about pushing away all of those things in life and in ourselves that feel less than joyful, but to include it all, to bring it all into our hearts, to welcome all of life. That is true Joy.

And it feels different, but it feels good!


Thank you Corinne. You are a wonderful teacher!

Kayte, Boston

I’m not sure there are any words that could do this course justice!


I wanted to experience more joy in my life and was surprised with what I discovered during the 6 week exploration.


I loved the meditations and podcast style teachings (the Treasure Hunt journey is so wonderful and my go-to favourite!) Add the weekly live coaching calls on top and it is incredible value for money.


What did I discover? An inner peace, a deeper relationship with myself, a greater appreciation for my environment, acceptance, trust...the list goes on!


Suffice to say I enjoyed the 6 weeks so much that I want to go back to the beginning and do it all again!


This is Corinne’s calling. She has such a magical way of taking you on this beautiful journey and I look back with so much appreciation, feeling very lucky to have experienced it all. 

Want a little tour?!
Step this way, and come with me...

And afterwards, if it's for you, click here 💛

Where are You on the Joy Scale?!

Waking Up To Joy can take you from say,
a lacklustre 3 on the Joy Scale
to a place where you feel more energised, nourished and 8 juicy weeks!


So, if you're feeling you'd love to...

  • Connect more deeply with the truest, shiniest, richest YOU - even if you have no idea what that might feel like right now

  • Learn and enjoy simple practices to nourish yourself on every level

  • Rediscover the preciousness of yourself, your life and EVERYTHING in it

  • Remember how it feels to be more focused, energised and really ALIVE...

...and if you feel this could really be the start of something BIG, and feel that

 Waking Up To Joy: The Juicy Midlife Edit is for you, you can say YES! and jump in now, making this the very first step in rediscovering your lovely self on a whole new level - because I can guarantee, they are waiting for...




Jackie, UK

I signed up knowing that connecting to my heart was what I needed.

I had wanted the 6 weeks to be calm and easy, but right from the beginning things were coming up in my daughter's life which were having a big knock on effect on me. I felt irritated that this impinged on my peace, that I couldn’t be the calm person ready to use all the tools on offer, but looking back it was the best lesson I could have learned.

These tools are beneficial, especially when life is not smooth sailing. Gifting yourself time, acknowledging your needs, connecting to your Heart when life isn’t a bed of roses is even more important, as in the past, I would get entangled in the unsteady emotions all around me. 

The focus of the weekly calls, the tools and practices have all been of such benefit and I am incorporating them in my daily routine.

Taking a moment in the natural transitions in my day to connect with the breath, to feel the slowing down, noticing the beauty around me and the peace within me...These are definitely practices I'll continue each and every day.

Erika, Scotland

I didn't know what it was to connect to my heart before this course!

During lockdown I decided to take the time to look at what was holding me back in life. What I discovered was that it wasn't external but internal; over the years the negative self talk had meant I had shut down my internal emotions. It was not only affecting me but my family as well.


Step in Corinne! 

Over the course she guided us to connect with our hearts, and whilst previously I had struggled, with persistence and her guidance I felt my heart jump as we meditated, almost as it it was jumping for joy with the reconnection!


Then I started to notice things around me subtly change - situations that had previously triggered me didn't have the same power as before. I was happier. When out walking the dog it was as if I was wearing different glasses. Everything seemed more colourful, bright and vibrant.

I was more aware of the world around me, more present and less anxious.


I now continue the regular practice of awareness, gratitude and meditation, and even when I'm having a bad day I approach it with curiosity wondering what is the lesson today.


Corinne's programme has helped me to approach my day from a better place, and as a result I am calmer, content, more comfortable just being me.

Dawn, Ireland

I have learned so much from Waking Up To Joy.

I now understand myself better as a person, and I’m creating a daily rhythm honouring my true essence, and energy ebbs and flows. 


I'm now allowing myself to linger, to absorb and accept those things that are part of me and bring me joy, rather than denying and telling myself that I should just 'grow up and get on with things.’ And I don't feel guilty about taking that time - it makes me empowered and energetic...It makes me happier and more balanced. 

I was in a low place from lockdown, but life seems to be returning to normal-and-better because of what I have learned here. 


I am excited!

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